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LED Video Walls and Screens


"Delivering your message at a supreme video screen experience." 


When it comes to having a wow communication, an LED Video Display is always considered it.  LED Video Walls are the trending audio-visual equipment in the event industry for 2021. Our LED Screens are part of a range of integrated broadcast, shows, and presentation solutions for sports, music and corporate events in Houston, Galveston, The Woodlands, Cypress and Kingswood.

What can you do with Video Walls?  


Imagine the LED Video Screens as multiple TV's or monitors, set up together to build a big screen.  In today's events, video walls allow you to display videos, presentations, trainings, live streamings and many others without the worry of the ambient light or if the event is indoor or outdoor.  You will have at all times the right brightness and the right colors. 


There are many ways to engage your audience and LED Walls and the screens can be used for many purposes. 

  • LED Video Screen for your large scale convention, worship, gaming contest, sports, and schools.  

  • LED Video Walls for Staging Designs.  When you want to have a dynamic and engaging stage, LED Walls bring you the space to design, and built a scenography that can interact with your audience. 

  • LED Video Columns for your event entrance.  Imagine providing your guest with a technology experience since the first moment they step into your event.  Imagine the LED Walls with a sponsor message in the roof, or two giant columns in the entrance with a welcome message.

  • LED Video Walls for your entire venue design- Video Screens are customizable.  Give us a call, and we will gladly assist you with all your event design. 


Learning more about LED Video Walls. 

You could get a good result with a projector and a screen, but you would need a really powerful one to have the brightness and colors that you get with LED Walls. In our article: What to expect in the AV industry for 2018: Trends at InfoComm 2018 Las Vegas , you will find some pictures and examples of what is trending in the Event industry. 


At Karana, delivering quality and exceeding your expectations is our priority.  That’s why we have a quality control procedure before every LED Video Screen Rental.  Part of our QC  includes calibrating every tile and testing each light to guarantee they are working before being delivered.   



For more information about our LED Screen Rental options or want to learn more about the benefits, it gives to you, give us a call (281)780-5625 or contact us today.




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