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How to choose the right AV resources for my event.

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

You, as a meeting planner has many, many, many things to do when an upcoming event is on the corner. Sometimes, the harder part is knowing exactly what audio visual resources, technology and innovation you will implement on it. Understanding that a meeting planner needs to know a little bit of everything: budgeting, decoration, AV, venues, food, entertainers, MC, promotion, sponsors, etc, is why we create this article. So... let's start with the AV! Here, you will find 5 basic steps to plan your audio visual resources before going to an AV consultant.

1. Planning

As soon as you get directions with your overall event plan, is time to think about your AV resources. For small-medium size events, start planning within 3 months before the event,  but for larger productions, we would recommend you to do it with a year in advanced. 

2. Audience

Defining the expected amount of attendees, of course, is important, but understanding the demographic and psychographic will help you choose the correct resources to exceed their expectations. Example: Incorporating LED Walls vs. a Screen and projector, live streaming, lighting show, etc.

3. Event Space

Now, is time to gather as much information as you can about the event space.  Example: find out the size, height, if the roof has rigging points or require equipment with floor support, set up time available, loading fees, and please, WiFi availability and its cost. 

4. Segment your AV Needs

It would be easier and better organized if you segment your AV needs into video, lighting, and sound. Example, the sound can be different if you are planning to have a live band instead of just a speaker. Or If your event is in a ballroom for more than 300 attendees, that will be the key to choose between 1 or 2 screens, LED Walls or Cameras for IMag (image magnification).  

  • Audio- Example: The event is for 100 guests, is only one speaker and there is no live music incorporated, I will need 2 speakers, podium and podium microphone.

  • Video- Example: I understand a big screen and 5K Lumens projector, will be enough for 100 guest.

  • Lighting- Example: Some uplights with the client's brand color for the room and some stage wash for the stage will be enough.

5. Consult with your AV Experts

After you get an idea of what equipment could be needed, is really important for you to consult this needs with an AV expert.  Request a site visit and be open to suggestions.  A good AV company will have event managers to invest their time to fill you with a lot of ideas and options. If you still don't have an AV company, please give us a call, and we will be honored to assist you.  

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