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What to expect in the AV industry for 2018: Trends at InfoComm 2018 Las Vegas

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

In the AV Pro’s World, attend events like the Infocomm is a must.  Is not only the opportunity to do networking, build relationships with partners and vendors but is also the forum to learn about new trends in the AV and Integration Industry.  The Infocomm is one of the best ways to be on top of the technology innovation to create better offers and experiences to customers.   This year at Las Vegas, was very exciting to see all the new products for Video.  Starting with the entrance of the Infocomm with a big wall design welcoming all the guest and highlighting the brand.  To those who love video and projections, like Karana AV does, the new products and ways to do business are exactly the same than finding thousands of gifts under the Christmas tree when you were a child.  Let’s start:

  • Video Walls- A couple of years ago, the industry started with LED panels of 10mm pixels,  all wired and now you can find LED Walls with High-Quality Pixels of 2.9mm or 1.4mm all wireless for fixed installations, outdoor or rentals.  These Video Walls were the sensation of the moment.  We were able to walk on the top of a LED Stage that interacts with you when you step on it.  Our eyes were amazed and our brain full of ideas, by all the magical structures you can make with LED Walls to enhance designs of your stage, shows, and productions.  

HD Video Wall
LED Video Wall Rental

LED Video Wall Custom desing

  • Video HDbaseT- This Is now the best way to display high-quality audio, video signal, control, Ethernet and up to 100w of power over a single LAN cable.  Now, a simple cat 5e or above, can ensure not only the quality but the consistency of the signal without gaps, and not impacted by long distances. The HDbaseT is not only affordable is also versatile and simple with better performance.  

  • 3D Projections- It’s really amazing to see how projection is moving to a 3D phase.  At the Infocomm, we were able to meet some amazing exhibitors with 3D Holograms all made by fans.  This is another way to display brands, visuals, increase engagement and sales.  Is an eye-catching way to communicate with the audience.  The 3D fan are wall mounted and have LED lights flashing when the fans are spinning. Most of them Wi-Fi based.  

  • Projection Mapping- This is a way to express art and creativity. It requires multiple projectors and a master mind behind them. Mapping projection is already being used to maximize spaces and challenge reality in giant walls, building, static objects, etc. Basically, you use a couple of projectors to display only one high quality image.

Project an image on a 3D surface
Projection Mapping

Part of the educational resources, were focused on the AV and IT integration.  All the AV Pro’s know that a customer always has the perception that an AV person knows about IP Addresses, monitoring, VPN, etc.  At the same time, our IT’s are expected to know how to set up a LED Wall or equalize digital mixers and the most important part is that both professionals are jumping to the other side sometimes with 0 knowledge and downgrading the experience Vs.  expectations.  Now, the AV industry is getting involved with IT experts, either way by opening IT departments or creating joint ventures with established IT Companies.  It is now a must to train our AV professionals and give them the knowledge and tools to be effective and walk at the same speed than the AV needs and trends.  So, that means, AV1, Video1 or Lighting1, get ready to learn what a VPN is, or how to identify an IP Address if you want to be an avant-garde.

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